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We're a team of international designers, engineers, manufacturers who have come together in Hong Kong with a common love of the outdoors.


Tai Long Wan in Hong Kong

Tai Long Wan in Hong Kong - Mark Lehmkuhler

It's a little known fact that 75% of Hong Kong's territory is given over to country parks, nature reserves, hiking trails and beaches. With so many opportunities at our doorstep, you'll find the team camping, hiking or exploring the waterways on a Chinese Junk.


We love technology. And with so much time spent outdoors, it usually comes along with us. We're passionate about the "Internet of Things" and excited about the possibilities it brings to outdoor equipment.

Expect to see a full range of products from the team that are connected, rugged and beautiful.

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We've created the world's first smart outdoor lantern that's not only rugged, but beautiful. Continue below to follow our progress.

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